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Spotlight: Lofts at Navicent

This week, Live at Lofts is excited to offer the third installment of our series on our market rate properties with the Lofts at Navicent! 


Construction started on this beautiful property in November 2015 and it was completed in April 2017. Not only did the Lofts at Navicent bring 60 luxury lofts to the heart of the medical epicenter of Macon, but through a wonderful partnership with Navicent Health, we are excited to offer a state of the art fitness center to Navicent employees as well as our wonderful residents. Navicent Health also occupies the second floor of our building with their Employee Health Center, with three floors of luxury lofts located above. Alex Putnam, our community manager at the Lofts at Navicent, knows that she has a strong bias but says that this property is her favorite across our brand! Alex says that she loves being able to provide a luxurious haven for her resident to come home to each night after a long day at work. Email or call 478.336.5229 to set up a tour!


Write up provided by Blog Contributor: Reed Jones

Lofts photos provided by: Anna L. Daniels

Wellness Center photo provided by: Cheryl Parker



Student to Professional - The Lofts has You Covered

Live at Lofts properties offer access to modern loft living in the heart of Macon’s most happening areas. The Live at Lofts brand strives to provide a community that no matter your stage of life, there is certainly a property that fits your needs. We have partnered with Mercer University to offer multiple student housing properties such as, Lofts at Mercer Village, Lofts at Tattnall, and Lofts at Mercer Landing. In addition to this, we have several market rate communities that are ideal for young business professionals and empty nesters such as, Lofts at Bass, Lofts at Navicent, Lofts at Capricorn, and our newest development the Lofts at Zebulon.

When leasing at one of our student housing properties, it is our mission to ensure the best possible living experience during their college career. It is our hope that upon graduation, these students will love Macon, GA just as much as we all do and find a career here in Middle Georgia. Upon securing a position, the individual will then phase into one of our market rate properties. Brittany Onyeji is a Mercer University graduate who is now a practicing pharmacist at Navicent Health, Middle Georgia’s premier medical community. Brittany is the perfect example of the "Loft Transition" as she went from the Lofts at Mercer Village to now living at the Lofts at Navicent. Below is an interview with Brittany herself about her college career, her time at the lofts, and so much more!

·       What college did you attend for your undergraduate program?

o   Mercer University College of Liberal Arts  

·       What degree did you obtain there? Did you continue your schooling elsewhere after graduation?

o   Biochemistry and Molecular biology degree

o   I continued on to Mercer University College of Pharmacy in ATL.

·       Where did you live during your undergraduate program?

o   I lived on campus for the first few years. Once the lofts opened I was literally the first resident (along with my roommate).

·       What did you like most about living there?

o   I loved having full-sized beds, fully furnished units, washer and dryer, nice appliances, modern study rooms, security, and no curfew restrictions.

·       Why did you move out of the area? Why did you move back to Macon?

o   I moved out of the area to attend Mercer Atlanta for pharmacy school. I accepted a position here as a pharmacist at Navicent Health.

·       What drew you back to the Lofts brand when you moved back to Macon, GA?

o   I was familiar with the brand having lived at one of their properties previously. I was pleased with the unit, amenities, proximity to work, price point, ease of move, and staff. These units are like a piece of “Atlanta”. I feel closer to home even though I am away. The upgrades in these lofts are unlike others that I have seen at other complexes throughout Macon. I also love paying only one bill monthly. It was a no-brainer for me.

·       If you had to describe the Lofts in one word, what would it be?

o   Upscale 

Write up provided by Blog Contributor: Alex Putnam

Picture source: Live at Lofts, Mercer, and Navicent Instagram pages




Alex Putnam

Alex Putnam



Where were you born? Douglasville, GA

What city do you currently live in? Macon, GA

What is your favorite lunch spot? Chick-fil-A (she admits with a laugh!)

What do you like most about the Lofts?

The exceptional level of customer service we provide. I love when my residents come to me with a problem and end up leaving with the issue resolved and a smile on their face! These are my people!

What do you like most about Macon?

I love the city vibe and the warm sense of community Macon offers.

What are you most looking forward to?

I am recently engaged!! We are in the process of planning our wedding as well as closing on our 1st home! I cannot wait to start decorating, settling in, and start making memories together!