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In the past, college students have had to live in cramped single-room dorms with limited storage space, barely any study space, a community bathroom and NO privacy. Thankfully, that college experience has changed with developments like Live at Lofts – Student Housing. Students now enjoy the privacy of their own room and bathroom. The common areas in the loft and throughout the property offer ample space to study, socialize and relax. No more mini-microwave meals for every meal! Lofts residents now have lots of counter space, full sized appliances and granite counter tops.

The Lofts at Mercer Village are situated above retail spaces lining the corridor of Mercer Village. Our residents enjoy the walkability to campus life and the convenience of restaurants such as Sauced, Margarita’s, Subway and Nu-Way. Not only does the property offer a new experience in regards to the student’s physical surroundings but also in the personal one on one treatment they receive.

Kaeleigh and Laura Beth make up our management team onsite. They work day in and day out to maintain the best in quality and customer service. Whether it’s setting up for fun resident events, helping families with the housing process or following up on maintenance requests, these two make every effort to get things done and done right! Come see us for more about the Lofts experience!


Employee Spotlight: Laura Beth Shealy





Beyond the Desk: Meet Colleen Closson

Colleen Closson

Meet Colleen Closson

Property Manager @ the Lofts at Mercer Village + Lofts at Tattnall


Born: Belleville, Illinois

Raised: Charleston, South Carolina

Favorite thing about Fall?

“When a few of the trees start to lose their leaves, the air gets kind of crisp, and the sun is shining, it’s the perfect time to be outside.”

Dinner plans?

“I’m always at Margarita’s. Every day, another one of my friends wants to go there, and I just can’t let them go alone.”

Favorite thing about the Lofts?

“Location, location, location. The whole campus is accessible, as is Mercer Village, and it’s so easy to meet up with friends. I can leave at the last possible minute for class and still be on time.” 



Beyond the Desk: Meet Asheley Bonner

Ashley Bonner

Meet Asheley Bonner

Assistant Property Manager @ Lofts at Mercer Landing


Born: Born in Milledgeville.

Raised: Raised in Dallas, Texas (Go Cowboys!)

Coffee order?

“Let’s pass on the coffee. I’m open to anyone buying me chai tea latte with skim milk and delivering it to my office.”

What she is most excited about this Fall:

“Football. I am so excited about the Mercer football season, because there was no football when I was here as a student.”

Favorite thing about the Lofts?

“Living in the Lofts gives you a sense of the real world before you’re actually in it. You are more independent and have an opportunity to start figuring things out.”