It’s Springtime in Middle Georgia - The time has changed giving us that extra hour of sunlight we are all craving. The birds are happily singing their song as we slowly begin to see the joy of new life blossoming in nature.

Macon, GA

Macon, GA

Each March, our familiar streets flourish with the 350,000+ Yoshino Cherry Trees that are planted here. These stunning trees can trace their Middle Georgia roots all the way back to 1949 when William A. Fickling Sr. discovered a unique and unrecognized blossom – later to be discovered as the Yoshino Cherry Tree. The Fickling family continued to develop their love for this new tree and decided to distribute them throughout the city of Macon. 

When we begin seeing these pink blooms all over town, this is a sure indicator that the Spring season has arrived. In Middle Georgia, with Spring also comes the fun! In 1982, Carolyn Crayton established the Cherry Blossom Festival to celebrate the beauty of these trees and to honor the Fickling family for all that they had done for the city. The Cherry Blossom Festival is a beloved tradition that is perfect for all ages. This festival is a great time for Macon natives to come together as a community. We also get to share our community and fellowship with travelers from all over the world that are drawn here for the festivities. There is surely something to be enjoyed by all. 

This year the Cherry Blossom Festival will extend for two entire weeks starting March 22ndand ending March 31st. The festival has several events to choose from ranging from the Pink Pancake Breakfast, the Bed Race, concerts, food trucks, parades, and so much more. Our town will certainly be buzzing with activity in celebration of this Macon tradition. For full event details please see below.

Dates: March 22 - 31

Times: 11 a.m. & 2 p.m. daily

Price: $16.50 (Adults) $12.50 (Students) $8.50 (5 & under)

Event Schedule

Write up provided by: Alex Putnam