Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, is an international sensation and now her approach to living has come to Netflix. “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” has given people another binge worthy option on Netflix, only this time it motivates you to get up off the sofa and tackle your living space as well.

Previous Blog dated September 21, 2018:

Time implies change and movement; movement implies the passage of time. So many of us get lost in the “everydayness” of our daily routines. We all have had those days where from the time our feet hit the floor to our heads hitting the pillow we are go, go, go! Sadly, we feel as if we rarely accomplish anything worthwhile. 

Work, responsibilities, and finances can take so much energy from us (and we can give it freely) that we begin to question how a purposeful and fulfilling life can fit among the rest. There are millions of books and speakers, retreats and services, that offer programs and steps to give you the tools to simple life. They promise to remove the stress and replace it with joy and enlightenment. In my experience, these may frame an idea in a way that is more pleasing to our own approach to life and therefore speaks to us on a more “sellable” level but it’s really just a matter of quieting that inner critic. 

What could lead to a happier life for you? Quality relationships? Maybe less clutter both materialistically and emotionally? Freedom? A change in scenery? Could it be a shorter commute which leads to more time for you to fill based on your priorities? 

Time is our most valuable asset and the most treasured gift another person can give us. We move through time whether or not we are using it to the best of our ability. When was the last time you came across a home project that you never finished? Or a friendship you had meant to rekindle but never did? Maybe there was an interest in art, music, travel, volunteering, or going back to school, but a day turned into a month, which turned into a year without taking the plunge.

Creating an simple environment that allows you to be free, spontaneous, and mindful can make a positive impact on you for years to come and lessen your environmental footprint on the world around.

Consider what you find truly important and begin to use YOUR time to surround yourself with “the good stuff”.

Write up provided by: Anna Daniels