I don’t know about you but I am ready to be done with all the bumper to bumper traffic flowing in and out of downtown. As I sat at the 4th light of 12, I have to get through to cross over College Street, I told my son that we have to go back to our alternate route. Vineville Avenue has only become more congested over the years. This is undeniable proof that downtown is a flourishing destination for work, education, entertainment and dining.  With employees of Navicent Health and Coliseum, city workers, small business owners and staff, families taking children to St. Joseph’s and Mount de Sales and so many others, those of us who must make the drive in can feel like sardines on a slow-moving conveyer belt.




This dilemma points out yet another benefit to making downtown your home. Imagine walking or biking to work? Imagine the time and gas saved by living and working in the same centralized location. The Lofts provide well lit, gated parking, so your vehicle can stay at home while you work and play. No feeding the meter or worrying about the 3-hour limit. A daily schedule that cuts out the commute in the morning and afternoon can lead to more focused time with friends and family, implementing a solid wellness routine, and kicking back to some local entertainment. Sure, we all need to make that trip to the grocery store or mall, but when living downtown, that time spent in the car is on your terms based on what you decide.




As more Maconites choose to make downtown their home, our eateries, entertainment venues, galleries, salons and retailers will flourish. There will be an undeniable demand for a full-service grocer within the 3-block radius of 2nd Street that will most likely lead to a smart entrepreneur or a grocery chain wanting a piece of the pie.

A larger downtown population will enable our small business owners to thrive which will attract more new businesses that will contribute to our economy, create jobs and services, and solidify Macon as a strong competitive city capable of providing the best in opportunity and quality of life.

By cutting out the commute and making downtown your home you can save time, money, and sanity while also bringing growth and stability to our much-loved city.  


Write up and photos provided by: Anna Daniels