Maci Forehand

Maci Forehand



This week we highlight a very special young lady. Maci Forehand is a resident at the Lofts at Bass and an honorary staff member. She is always looking to help in any way she can and loves to call the Lofts her home. Maci brings joy to every room she enters. From helping the office staff with delivering newsletters to decorating the Christmas tree in the lobby, Maci makes any task fun and unique.

Our Community Manager, Stephanie Delay, said, “We always look forward to the days that Maci comes to work! She is pure joy, always has a smile on her face, and makes the atmosphere even better any time that she is around! She is a hard worker. Maci delivers all of our newsletters and notices as well as other office tasks.”

More about Maci: 

Where were you born? Americus, GA

What city do you live in? Macon at the Lofts at Bass

What is your favorite lunch spot? Margaritas

What do you like most about the Lofts? The friendly staff

What so you like most about living in Macon? Working with the staff at the Lofts at Bass

What are you most looking forward to? Going to Helen for Christmas

“We are blessed beyond measure to have her and think that everyone needs a “Maci” in their office!”