If you’re looking for a last-minute gift or already planning out how best to spend those gift cards, consider some smart home devices. Having a smart home is where it’s at but when renting, your options may feel limited. Fortunately, there are several options on the market now that don’t require any hardwiring or a major overhaul.

Gadgets like the Google Home Hub or the Amazon Echo Spot are great options for those looking to spend $150 or less. Google Home Hub can be synced with other home devices to offer a seamless connectivity that only requires the use of a standard power outlet and Wi-Fi. It has a standard tablet display so streaming YouTube cooking videos while preparing dinner is a breeze. Amazon Echo Spot is all about Alexa. It comes in at a few dollars less than the Home Hub and has a camera for video calls. Multitask and make that call to the parents while doing laundry. You know they’ll appreciate it! This can also be synced with other devices and requires only a simple power outlet and Wi-Fi.

I don’t know about you, but lighting my home just right is so important to setting the mood and showcasing it’s décor. Flexibility is key, so dimmers and a variety of colors are an absolute must. Philips Hue Smart Bulb Starter Kit is compatible with your existing fixtures. To learn more about Philips Hue and other lighting options, check out this  guide on smart light bulbs here.

With TP- Link’s Mini Smart Plug you can make any device a smart device. Plug it into an outlet to then plug in a light, fan, gaming system or TV. You can then turn off and on the device with your smart phone or voice assistant. You can even set a timer. For those of us with family members who always fail to turn off the lights at night, this timer equipped smart plug is a power bill saver! This gadget can be found for around $15.

With smart cameras, doorbells, and smart security systems, there are so many different and cool options out there for your security needs as well.  

Live the “loftstyle” the smart, efficient way!

Write up provided by: Anna Daniels

Photos: Amazon.com