Here in the South, we have a very brief Fall so we really try to soak in all that the season has to offer. We break out our boots and scarves, grab our favorite latte, and marvel at the colors nature has displayed for us. 


During these few weeks of Autumn, one of the most spectacular events takes place. The Gingko tree, which lines our Macon sidewalks and neighborhoods we frequent, gives its glowing yellow show. Almost overnight, the leaves turn from green to a vibrant yellow leaving us Maconites awestruck by their beauty. The tree then waits for the first frost of the season and at once loses all of their beautiful leaves leaving a blanket of yellow underneath. 

The Ginkgo tree first originated in Southeast Asia nearly 200 million years ago. These glowing beauties were said to have been around when Dinosaurs were still present making this tree a living fossil. You can find Gingko’s thriving anywhere and in practically any condition – drought, poor soil, lack of space, etc.

These Gingko trees are very near and dear to my heart as they line the streets of my very own neighborhood. I love being able to watch the series of events when the transition into Autumn finally hits. Hopefully the Fall season can teach all of us that change can be a very beautiful thing. 

Write up provided by: Alex Putnam