Anna Daniels

Anna Daniels


Director of Marketing for SIERRA DEVELOPMENT

Born: Macon, Georgia

Raised: Greenville, South Carolina and Macon, Georgia

What do you handle each day?

“It’s a little bit of everything! Since starting with the company over a year ago I have focused on marketing, branding, graphic design, administrative work, property support, employee support, events, communications and pretty much anything else I can help with. Bring it!”

What’s your favorite lunch spot?

“If the weather permits, I grab a Reuben at Sid’s and either eat at Washington Park or Rose Hill. I prefer whichever offers the most solitude. I do enjoy our office lunches. It’s always good to walk down the street to either Barefoot or The Rookery and grab a bite with some of the greatest people to work with.”  

What is your favorite thing about working downtown?

“I love seeing the old being made new again. I pass buildings every day that are taking on a new shape and function. Downtown’s growth is palpable and on a course towards the success we Maconites have always desired. With unique restaurants and pubs, beautiful lofts, a strong artistic and musical culture and the progression of co-working spaces, downtown Macon is getting the attention she deserves. I’m all about reinventing myself and my surroundings. Macon is following the same path.”