Live at Lofts: Resident Spotlight

 Maci Forehand

Maci Forehand



This week we highlight a very special young lady. Maci Forehand is a resident at the Lofts at Bass and an honorary staff member. She is always looking to help in any way she can and loves to call the Lofts her home. Maci brings joy to every room she enters. From helping the office staff with delivering newsletters to decorating the Christmas tree in the lobby, Maci makes any task fun and unique.

Our Community Manager, Stephanie Delay, said, “We always look forward to the days that Maci comes to work! She is pure joy, always has a smile on her face, and makes the atmosphere even better any time that she is around! She is a hard worker. Maci delivers all of our newsletters and notices as well as other office tasks.”

More about Maci: 

Where were you born? Americus, GA

What city do you live in? Macon at the Lofts at Bass

What is your favorite lunch spot? Margaritas

What do you like most about the Lofts? The friendly staff

What so you like most about living in Macon? Working with the staff at the Lofts at Bass

What are you most looking forward to? Going to Helen for Christmas

“We are blessed beyond measure to have her and think that everyone needs a “Maci” in their office!”




 Chantel Langer

Chantel Langer



Where were you born? Bristol, Connecticut 

What city do you currently live in? Jenkinsburg, Georgia 

What is your favorite lunch spot? Being from a northern state, Chick-Fil-A was not a lunch option for me growing up, so I can not get enough of it now that I am living in the south!  

What do you like most about the Lofts? I love the customer service we provide. I love the relationships we form with our residents, as well as the sense of community we create at the Lofts. Our Lofts staff really feels like a family. I love the company I get to work for and my team!

What do you like most about Macon?  I love the sense of community that Macon has to offer! I love being able to get to work near the heart of the city, close to lots of shopping, delicious food, and a place of history. Macon truly is where soul lives! 

What are you most looking forward to? I recently just closed on my first home, so I am excited to get settled in and enjoy my new house!




 Nickie Willard

Nickie Willard



Where were you born? Macon, Georgia

What city do you currently live in? Kathleen, Georgia

What is your favorite lunch spot? My favorite lunch spot is one of Macon's hidden gems- Harp and Bowl La Bistro. My Lofts coworkers introduced it to me and we spend many lunch breaks munching on their pimento cheese sandwhiches and acai bowls. Not only is the food delicious and healthy, the staff is also so welcoming. In addition, I have to add H&H to my list!  H&H is a Macon staple for good soul food. 

What do you like most about the Lofts? What I like most about the Lofts is the hometown, community feel and the upscale living right in the heart of Downtown Macon! 

What do you like most about Macon?  I love the down to earth feel of Macon. When I am at work at the Lofts and out and about around town, I feel a closeness to the environment that I have never felt anywhere else.

What are you most looking forward to? I am most looking forward to growing with this company and continuing to be a part of such a welcoming community!




 Jonathan Leake

Jonathan Leake



Where were you born? Atlanta, GA 

What city do you currently live in? McDonough, GA  

What is your favorite lunch spot? Harp & Bowl would take 1st place! The Rookery and Bears Den tie for 2nd. I absolutely love unique hole in the wall restaurants 

What do you like most about the Lofts? Your home is more than just a place to sleep and the Lofts spares no expense in creating a unique lifestyle that can’t be found elsewhere. As a company, Live at Lofts is a family-first accepting culture that embodies personality. Our unique niche in the market offers a stylish partnership with our residents as they embark in all the stages of life. 

What do you like most about Macon? Honestly, I felt a real culture shock at first from growing up in a large metropolitan area. I did not realize that I would enjoy the city as a whole as much as I have. The slower pace and homegrown community feel brings an organic balance to life here. 

What are you most looking forward to?  June 2019 I will be making my first road trip to the Pacific Northwest. I have traveled several times to Seattle and I’m really excited to see the sights along the way this time. Seattle, WA will be my forever home one day. 

Favorite Quote? "Go confidently into the direction of your dreams! Live the life you always imagined." - Thoreau








Where were you born? Fort Sill, an Army base in Oklahoma, but I grew up in Toccoa, Ga.

What city do you currently live in? Downtown Macon

What is your favorite lunch spot? Spud Dogs. If you haven't tried their Cuban sandwich, you're missing out. 

What do you like most about the Lofts? The incredible atmosphere that the employees, corporate office, and mostly students create. This is a welcoming environment that fosters inclusion, opportunity for growth, and the ability to express yourself without fear of judgment. 

What do you like most about Macon? Macon is an incredible city. There are so many things to love about it. There are fantastic restaurants, plenty of things to get involved in, opportunities for nightlife adventures, and the entire city is dog friendly. As our Convention and Visitor's Bureau likes to say, Macon is truly #WhereSoulLives

What are you most looking forward to? We've officially hit October, so I am looking forward to cooler weather, celebrating birthdays, and the holiday season. #HappyHalloThanksMas

Favorite quote? Either “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” or "The noblest of arts is that of making others happy.", both by P.T. Barnum



Creating Time for Living

Time implies change and movement; movement implies the passage of time. So many of us get lost in the “everydayness” of our daily routines. We all have had those days where from the time our feet hit the floor to our heads hitting the pillow we are go, go, go! Sadly, we feel as if we rarely accomplish anything worthwhile. 

Work, responsibilities, and finances can take so much energy from us (and we can give it freely) that we begin to question how a purposeful and fulfilling life can fit among the rest. There are millions of books and speakers, retreats and services, that offer programs and steps to give you the tools to simple life. They promise to remove the stress and replace it with joy and enlightenment. In my experience, these may frame an idea in a way that is more pleasing to our own approach to life and therefore speaks to us on a more “sellable” level but it’s really just a matter of quieting that inner critic. 

What could lead to a happier life for you? Quality relationships? Maybe less clutter both materialistically and emotionally? Freedom? A change in scenery? Could it be a shorter commute which leads to more time for you to fill based on your priorities? 

Time is our most valuable asset and the most treasured gift another person can give us. We move through time whether or not we are using it to the best of our ability. When was the last time you came across a home project that you never finished? Or a friendship you had meant to rekindle but never did? Maybe there was an interest in art, music, travel, volunteering, or going back to school, but a day turned into a month, which turned into a year without taking the plunge.

Creating an simple environment that allows you to be free, spontaneous, and mindful can make a positive impact on you for years to come and lessen your environmental footprint on the world around.

Consider what you find truly important and begin to use YOUR time to surround yourself with “the good stuff”.

Write up provided by: Anna Daniels



Cut Out the Commute


I don’t know about you but I am ready to be done with all the bumper to bumper traffic flowing in and out of downtown. As I sat at the 4th light of 12, I have to get through to cross over College Street, I told my son that we have to go back to our alternate route. Vineville Avenue has only become more congested over the years. This is undeniable proof that downtown is a flourishing destination for work, education, entertainment and dining.  With employees of Navicent Health and Coliseum, city workers, small business owners and staff, families taking children to St. Joseph’s and Mount de Sales and so many others, those of us who must make the drive in can feel like sardines on a slow-moving conveyer belt.




This dilemma points out yet another benefit to making downtown your home. Imagine walking or biking to work? Imagine the time and gas saved by living and working in the same centralized location. The Lofts provide well lit, gated parking, so your vehicle can stay at home while you work and play. No feeding the meter or worrying about the 3-hour limit. A daily schedule that cuts out the commute in the morning and afternoon can lead to more focused time with friends and family, implementing a solid wellness routine, and kicking back to some local entertainment. Sure, we all need to make that trip to the grocery store or mall, but when living downtown, that time spent in the car is on your terms based on what you decide.




As more Maconites choose to make downtown their home, our eateries, entertainment venues, galleries, salons and retailers will flourish. There will be an undeniable demand for a full-service grocer within the 3-block radius of 2nd Street that will most likely lead to a smart entrepreneur or a grocery chain wanting a piece of the pie.

A larger downtown population will enable our small business owners to thrive which will attract more new businesses that will contribute to our economy, create jobs and services, and solidify Macon as a strong competitive city capable of providing the best in opportunity and quality of life.

By cutting out the commute and making downtown your home you can save time, money, and sanity while also bringing growth and stability to our much-loved city.  


Write up and photos provided by: Anna Daniels



Spotlight: Lofts at Zebulon

For the last part of our five-part series, we look to Zebulon Road for an exclusive on our newest property, Lofts at Zebulon.


Nestled in the heart of North Macon on Zebulon Road, Lofts at Zebulon will provide 241 residential lofts, four out parcel locations and ground floor retail space. The Lofts at Zebulon is the most exciting project in North Macon and will offer one, two and three-bedroom floor plans. This beautiful property will also feature signature Live at Loft amenities like a state of the art fitness center, a spacious clubroom, granite counter tops and elevator access. We will offer new Lofts Perks like a saltwater infinity pool, private garages, dog wash station, car wash & maintenance station and walking trails! We expect Lofts at Zebulon to begin pre-leasing Fall 2018, with a completion date in Spring 2019! We are very excited about this new property in the Live at Lofts family, and we hope you are too! For more information including floor plans, visit

Write up provided by Blog Contributor: Reed Jones



Spotlight: Lofts at Capricorn

This week, the Lofts blog is all about our most recently opened property, Lofts at Capricorn! 


Completed in March 2018, the Lofts at Capricorn provide a rich culture of Macon music history in the heart of Downtown. With 137 lofts, a saltwater infinity pool and historic artwork from Capricorn Studios, the Lofts at Capricorn offer a luxury lifestyle that cannot be found anywhere else downtown. The Lofts at Capricorn is located at the corner of Poplar and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, placing it within walking distance of all that Downtown Macon has to offer. This property's namesake is the historic Capricorn Studio which is nestled in between two of our buildings on the property. Capricorn Studios is most widely known as the birthplace of The Allman Brothers, and is currently being restored by Mercer University. The rich history of Capricorn Studios can be seen throughout the property, making this the best place to live for anyone who loves music, history and culture. The property is composed of four mid-rise buildings and includes a fitness center and gated parking. Call 478.200.4567 to set up at tour today!

Write up provided by Blog Contributor: Reed Jones




Spotlight: Lofts at Navicent

This week, Live at Lofts is excited to offer the third installment of our series on our market rate properties with the Lofts at Navicent! 


Construction started on this beautiful property in November 2015 and it was completed in April 2017. Not only did the Lofts at Navicent bring 60 luxury lofts to the heart of the medical epicenter of Macon, but through a wonderful partnership with Navicent Health, we are excited to offer a state of the art fitness center to Navicent employees as well as our wonderful residents. Navicent Health also occupies the second floor of our building with their Employee Health Center, with three floors of luxury lofts located above. Alex Putnam, our community manager at the Lofts at Navicent, knows that she has a strong bias but says that this property is her favorite across our brand! Alex says that she loves being able to provide a luxurious haven for her resident to come home to each night after a long day at work. Email or call 478.336.5229 to set up a tour!


Write up provided by Blog Contributor: Reed Jones

Lofts photos provided by: Anna L. Daniels

Wellness Center photo provided by: Cheryl Parker



Spotlight: Lofts at Bass

This week, part two of our Lofts Series with The Lofts at Bass! 


Construction began in October 2013 with Phase One that brought 54 luxury lofts and seven retail spaces that are occupied by retail stores, restaurants and healthcare facilities. Phase Two was completed in September 2016 that brought 27 more lofts and five more mixed-use retail spaces to the Bowman Road development. Lofts at Bass Phases One and Two provide 81 luxury lofts to North Macon with amenities such as a saltwater swimming pool, two distinct lounge areas, and a state of the art fitness center. Lofts at Bass have direct access to shopping, restaurants and a Publix Supermarket as well as Interstate 75. Stephanie Delay, the Community Manager at Lofts at Bass says that in her 17 years of working in property management,  the Lofts At Bass is by far her favorite community.  "We offer luxurious lofts, fabulous amenities," Stephanie says, "while also maintaining an atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome and right at home." The Lofts at Bass currently only has two lofts available, a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom. All lofts have granite countertops in the designer kitchen, full sized washers and dryers, and cable and internet included in rent! Stop by The Lofts at Bass today at 5437 Bowman Road in Macon!

Write up provided by Blog Contributor: Reed Jones



Spotlight: Lofts at 401 Cherry


This week, we're kicking off a five-part series on all of our market rate properties. Each week, you'll be able to read about our properties across Macon, learning a little more about what each one has to offer. This week, we look at the Lofts at 401 Cherry located in the historic Southern United Building.  

Nestled on the corner of Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard and Cherry Street, you'll find one of our two downtown Lofts property, the Lofts at 401 Cherry. The Lofts at 401 Cherry offers residents access to all that Downtown Macon has to offer. This property is within a five-minute walk of all of the shops, restaurants, and bar, meaning that you're never more than a short walk from fun! The Lofts at 401 Cherry offer one and two-bedroom lofts, and rent includes all utilities including cable and internet, and a full sized washer a dryer. Each loft has a signature view of downtown Macon, allowing every resident a perspective on the city that is hard to find elsewhere. The Lofts at 401 Cherry offer ground floor retail space. One spot is currently occupied by Sang's Thai Isaan Restaurant and top floor office space, so residents get the full urban experience. Contact Gordon Bennett at for loft tours and availability. Please contact Susan Bloodworth at for information about our retail space.

Write up provided by Blog Contributor: Reed Jones



Luxury Condos Planned - 423 Mulberry

MACON, GEORGIA — Sierra Development Group and SPP Commercial Group announces plans for luxury condos on Mulberry Street in downtown Macon. The condos will be located at 423 Mulberry St. at the corner of Mulberry and Broadway. The plans call for 6 story, multi-purpose building, that will accommodate 10 condos and a bank on the ground floor.

This now vacant lot will have gated, covered parking onsite for the residents, as well as a rooftop terrace that will be exclusive to resident use. There are two different floor plans, both with 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Balconies overlooking downtown are included in both of the floor plans, with the largest balconies on the 6th floor. Exclusive elevator access from the lobby is directly connected to the covered parking. Private, temperature controlled, storage units will be located on the ground floor for resident use. The condos will include spacious floor plans with top of the line finishes. Potentially, the buyer will have the option of playing a role in the selection process of certain finishes, colors and flooring.

Each condo will be available for purchase, not lease.

Sierra Development Group has a long history of partnering with groups throughout Macon to cultivate and nurture the growth of Macon, specifically downtown and Mercer’s campus. Through these partnerships, one of which includes Mercer University, Sierra and SPP, have been able to play a large part in changing the landscape, culture, and perception of Macon life. This newest endeavor is unlike any other project in the history of downtown Macon. All of their current lofts are for lease only but this new, high-end, development will provide the first ever new-construction condos that will be available for purchase. Residents of Macon and those looking to relocate to the Macon area, have expressed a desire to be able to purchase a loft rather than lease. This project fulfills that request and is another move towards making downtown a walkable city with various living, dining and entertainment options.

Sierra Development Group and SPP Commercial Group are locally owned and operated companies with a focus on excellence and growth. Sierra Development Group is located on the historic corner of Cherry St. and MLK Jr. Blvd. in downtown and is responsible for handling the management of the properties. Sierra and SPP’s portfolio currently includes, Lofts at 401 Cherry, Lofts at Bass I and II, Lofts at Capricorn, Lofts at Navicent and Lofts at Zebulon.

For more information, please email Anna Daniels at



Student to Professional - The Lofts has You Covered

Live at Lofts properties offer access to modern loft living in the heart of Macon’s most happening areas. The Live at Lofts brand strives to provide a community that no matter your stage of life, there is certainly a property that fits your needs. We have partnered with Mercer University to offer multiple student housing properties such as, Lofts at Mercer Village, Lofts at Tattnall, and Lofts at Mercer Landing. In addition to this, we have several market rate communities that are ideal for young business professionals and empty nesters such as, Lofts at Bass, Lofts at Navicent, Lofts at Capricorn, and our newest development the Lofts at Zebulon.

When leasing at one of our student housing properties, it is our mission to ensure the best possible living experience during their college career. It is our hope that upon graduation, these students will love Macon, GA just as much as we all do and find a career here in Middle Georgia. Upon securing a position, the individual will then phase into one of our market rate properties. Brittany Onyeji is a Mercer University graduate who is now a practicing pharmacist at Navicent Health, Middle Georgia’s premier medical community. Brittany is the perfect example of the "Loft Transition" as she went from the Lofts at Mercer Village to now living at the Lofts at Navicent. Below is an interview with Brittany herself about her college career, her time at the lofts, and so much more!

·       What college did you attend for your undergraduate program?

o   Mercer University College of Liberal Arts  

·       What degree did you obtain there? Did you continue your schooling elsewhere after graduation?

o   Biochemistry and Molecular biology degree

o   I continued on to Mercer University College of Pharmacy in ATL.

·       Where did you live during your undergraduate program?

o   I lived on campus for the first few years. Once the lofts opened I was literally the first resident (along with my roommate).

·       What did you like most about living there?

o   I loved having full-sized beds, fully furnished units, washer and dryer, nice appliances, modern study rooms, security, and no curfew restrictions.

·       Why did you move out of the area? Why did you move back to Macon?

o   I moved out of the area to attend Mercer Atlanta for pharmacy school. I accepted a position here as a pharmacist at Navicent Health.

·       What drew you back to the Lofts brand when you moved back to Macon, GA?

o   I was familiar with the brand having lived at one of their properties previously. I was pleased with the unit, amenities, proximity to work, price point, ease of move, and staff. These units are like a piece of “Atlanta”. I feel closer to home even though I am away. The upgrades in these lofts are unlike others that I have seen at other complexes throughout Macon. I also love paying only one bill monthly. It was a no-brainer for me.

·       If you had to describe the Lofts in one word, what would it be?

o   Upscale 

Write up provided by Blog Contributor: Alex Putnam

Picture source: Live at Lofts, Mercer, and Navicent Instagram pages



Macon Bacon: The Newest Sizzle in Middle Georgia

The Macon Bacon is a semi – pro baseball team in the Coastal Plains League. This is the first season for the Macon Bacon and so far they are off to a hot start! Their home opener was Friday June 1; with a home game following Saturday night as well. The team is gathering a lot of interest in the community, but there is a lot that people still don’t know! 

What makes the Macon Bacon different than other baseball teams is that most of the players just finished up their season playing college baseball. These players play on semi – pro teams (like the Macon Bacon) in the summer to keep their skills sharp and for recognition by professional scouts. Another difference is that these games are very family oriented. There are games for kids and fans on the field between innings, as well as some kind of theme for the night at almost every home game. This past Saturday (June 9) they honored our first responders and had fireworks following the game.  

Luther Williams Field is the home of the Macon Bacon. Many Maconites are glad to see the field coming back to life and reclaiming the glory it once knew so well. There have been many updates to the field to prepare for the opening season including additional concession stands, outdoor cabana suites, a group picnic area, a kids play zone, and a beer garden. There is certainly something for everyone!  

The Macon Bacon is sure to become a staple of summertime in Macon. The field is located on the edge of downtown, so make a night of it! Enjoy everything that downtown has to offer; which now includes the baseball team! For more information on the Macon Bacon such as tickets or a home game schedule, visit!  

Write up provided by Blog Contributor: Laura Beth Shealy.

Photos provided by:





A Taste of Downtown Macon

Eating your way through Macon, GA one local eatery at a time

Downtown Macon definitely has a unique vibe. Whether you are there for a business lunch, cocktails with your best gals, or are just looking for an incredible meal – there is something that everyone will be sure to love.  Here is a list of the top 5 local eateries that we insist you try!

1.     The Rookery - The Rookery originally opened its doors in 1976. Best known as a part of Macon history, The Rookery is famous for their amazing burgers and mouth-watering milkshakes. My personal favorite is the Jimmy Carter milk shake, which consists of banana ice cream, peanut butter, and a slice of bacon. If you want something a little stronger, upgrade it to the Billy Carter with a of shot Jack Daniels!

2.    El Camino - Craving Mexican food on a Friday night? El Camino is the perfect taqueria for you. Try a fresh margarita with their Al Pastor tacos and you are sure in for a treat! For a twist on the traditional margarita, try it Texas style for an added citrus punch!

3.    Ocmulgee Brew Pub - Ocmulgee was named after the historic national monument, The Ocmulgee Indian Mounds. This brewpub offers a large variety of local, craft beers such as an American Amber, Belgian Witbier, American Stout, Vanilla Porter, and more. Their brew list includes best food pairings off of their delectable menu. The truffle fries are a personal favorite of mine and you might as well go ahead and get the large because these are sure to be a crowd pleaser! Still have an appetite? Order the River Monster for a satisfying seafood burger.

4.    Tic Toc Room - Is it girls night out??? Tic Toc Room is THE spot for you. They are known for their sensational martinis, especially the ‘Georgia on my Mind’ if you’re searching for the perfect peach cocktail. Ask your bartender for fun martini art – initials, designs and more!  

5.    Dovetail  - Are you searching for the best Sunday brunch spot in Macon? Does a basket of made from scratch biscuits and homemade jelly sound like the ideal start to your day? Start your meal off with a basket of biscuits and one of their famous Bloody Marys. If you are still hungry, be sure to order their Shrimp & Grits entrée made with local greens, chopped bacon and  poached egg. 

Write up provided by Blog Contributor: Alex Putnam

Pictures are from:



The Growth and Blooming of Downtown Macon, Part Two - Parking

 Cherry Street

Cherry Street

Moving forward with our theme of Downtown growth and progress, a question on everyone’s mind is parking. With new businesses, restaurants and residential developments moving into the downtown core, the need for on-street parking is only going to grow. 

In November 2016, Macon-Bibb County Commissioners approved a new downtown parking plan that allows Macon’s Urban Development Authority to fund the addition of parking meters, pay stations and other parking management systems to Macon’s downtown core – the area between Walnut and Poplar and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and First Street. The downtown core contains 1260 parking spaces, and according to Alex Morrison, the Executive Director for the Urban Development Authority, around 850 meters should be installed by the end of this month. 

According to a March 2018 article by Linda Morris of the Macon Telegraph, paid parking will be enforced Monday – Saturday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. and will cost $1.25 an hour. These parking meters are anticipated to generate $1 million annually, which will support the parking system itself, and then any extra revenue will be put back into downtown through accessibility and parking improvements. Bibb Urban Development has contracted with Lanier Parking Meter Services to install and manage parking meters and the authority’s parking decks downtown. The bright side to this new parking system downtown is that there will be a higher turnover of available spaces because of the two-hour parking limit, meaning more opportunities for people to park downtown and enjoy all Macon has to offer. 

The great thing about living at a Lofts property is the gated, access-controlled entry parking! At Lofts at Capricorn and Lofts at Navicent, residents have guaranteed parking spaces. Both properties are located downtown, meaning an evening stroll down a block or two leads you directly to a wide selection of restaurants, bars, and theaters! You could even grab your morning coffee just one block from Lofts at Capricorn at Taste and See! 

Living downtown definitely has its perks, but with downtown growth booming and new parking regulations starting, the idea of guaranteed parking presents an easy choice -

Live it, Love it, Loft it! Life just got better at the Lofts!

Write up provided by Blog Contributor: Reed Jones

Additional photos provided by: Gateway Macon, WGXA, and



The Growth and Blooming of Downtown Macon

 View from Lofts at Capricorn

View from Lofts at Capricorn

Spring has finally sprung in Macon, GA! The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and there is a nice warm breeze in the air. I don’t know if it is just me, but something about this time of year makes me want to be outside and enjoy this weather as much as possible. While taking a stroll downtown, I began to think about how the flowers weren't the only thing growing in Macon this year. The downtown area is certainly changing! Many new attractions have started to pop up and there are many more to come; including restaurants, hotels, retail space, office space, apartments, and more parking.  

One of the restaurants that is set to open later this year is Your Pie, a brick oven pizza restaurant that allows customers to create and customize their own personal pizza. It will be located on Poplar Street beside Taste and See Coffee Shop. According to the Newtown Macon website, several other eateries will be coming to Poplar Street as well including Decadent Desert Bar and Famous Mike's. To help with the influx of people these tasty attractions are sure to bring, more parking is also being added throughout the downtown area. 

If anyone has ventured down Poplar Street lately, it is easy to see the construction that is going on in the median. This area is being turned into an attraction itself. The City of Macon is transforming the Poplar Street Commons into an area that will contain new concrete, trees, and landscaping. Not only will it be beneficial for downtown events and festivals in the future, but all the new green space is also sure to be easy on the eyes.  

There are also many new apartments and lofts coming to the downtown area. The Lofts at Capricorn just opened up on MLK Jr Blvd. It is built at the site of Capricorn Records. When walking through the doors, the old town music feel is immediately mixed with a modern touch. The walls are covered with records of the artists that once made music in that very location. It'll make someone want to pull a guitar right off the wall and begin strumming a tune! All of this along with beautiful state of the art lofts makes this one of the hottest new places to see and live in the downtown area.  

It is interesting to take a walk through the streets of downtown Macon and make a mental note of what is seen now, while also thinking back on how the area has already changed. It is a privilege and a pleasure to watch this town grow. And just like this spring season, Macon, GA is really starting to bloom! 

Citations Link: 

Write up provided by Blog Contributor: Laura Beth Shealy

Additional photos provided by: Anna Daniels




Mercer VII Rendering.jpg







 Rusty Wynn and Shonda Ray

Rusty Wynn and Shonda Ray


Yesterday, March 29th, was our quarterly employee luncheon. The Lofts family came together to eat and catch up on work and life. The weather so graciously cooperated so we were able to lounge by the gorgeous infinity pool at the Lofts at Capricorn. One of our favorite local eateries, Growler USA, provided a fantastic lunch for our employees to enjoy. Be sure to check them out! They are located at 1530 Mercer University Dr, across from Five Star Stadium.

This quarter, we recognized one of the BEST of the best. Shonda Ray has been with the Live at Lofts family since Summer 2016. She has set herself apart by displaying her many strengths and job role flexibility. Shonda comes to work each day with her beautiful smile across her face! She works with great attention to detail to make the Lofts properties sparkle. In her role at a housekeeper she works tirelessly to maintain the image that the Lofts brand has come to be known for. Customer service is a key priority for her and she strives to meet all of her residents’ needs. Shonda can also be found in the leasing office from time to time. When staff is short, she fills in as an administrative assistant with ease and grace. Our hats off to you, Shonda! Keep up the good work!

Thank you to all our staff! No matter the task, the role, or the title, we are all crucial to the success of this amazing company.